GNS3 Script

This script is for GNS3. I wrote it mainly for Juniper vSRX (to be used as routers not firewalls) and vMX devices. I added support for Cisco XR but still working on adding some of the MPLS configs for that IOS into the script. It uses Curses to load a menu where you will select a protocol to configure and which routers to config it on. For example, choosing iBGP will load another menu where you will select which routers to make a group of iBGP connections. Pressing the left arrow key will bring you back to the main menu where you can select another protocol or another iBGP group if you wish. The router names must end in hyphen(-) and a number. For example, I may have vSRX-1, vSRX-2, vMX-3, vSRX-4, vMX-5, vXR-6. The script will make loopback on vSRX-1 and so forth. If vSRX-1 and vSRX-2 are cabled to each other, it will assign to vSRX-1 and to vSRX-2. If 3 and 6 are connected, and respectively. Hopefully, you can figure out the pattern there. If vSRX-2, vMX-3 and vXR-6 are in an iBGP group, the script will make them AS236. If the pattern would create an invalid AS number, 65001 is chosen, then 65002 for the next otherwise invalid group, and so forth. Only OSPF area 0 may be configured using the script. Script will make a root password on Junipers as "juniper123". The script will try its best to login to the router from any prompt. If it fails to login, try logging in yourself and have the router at the enable or operation prompt.